Ensuring that your company, employees, personal property and its inhabitants are well protected, largely relies on having an efficient and effective system.

For this to be possible, every element must be connected and working together in harmony, from the detectors to the call points; the sounders to the central control panel.
This connectivity can be made considerably easier by employing an open protocol system.

What is the Difference between Open and Closed Protocol Systems?

Open protocol systems are essentially comprised of components whose technical specifications are fully disclosed. This allows complete compatibility between manufacturers when building a system to suit your requirements, with any new product that’s designed able to fit into your existing setups.

Closed protocol systems do not have this information available, meaning that entire systems must be made by a single manufacturer to remain compatible.

Benefits of Open Protocol


The primary advantage gained from the use of open protocol systems is the flexibility this provides. As you are no longer restricted by manufacturer, you can tailor each individual component of the alarm system to the requirements of your business or budget.


Similarly, with all the technical details of the products open to view, the installer is not necessarily required to perform maintenance, repairs or upgrades, giving you more freedom to choose another.

Repairs and Replacement

If one small component within a system becomes faulty, open protocol means that it can be changed without a replacement of the entire network.


Closed protocol systems are subject to the growth and innovation of their manufacturers; if they don’t evolve the capabilities of the product, then the system will not stay in line with industry developments.


With the ability to update and service individual parts separately within the system whenever necessary, there is much less danger of being tempted to squeeze as much use as possible out of the entire system to avoid having to replace the whole thing.

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