Around 230 models of fridges sold in the UK, including, Hotpoint, Indesit and Smeg could cause a fire in your house. Currently fridges must pass a glow-wire (30 second test) to assess their resistance to fire under UK fire safety standards. The test involves putting a hot wire through a sample of the appliance’s backing material and checking to see how long it takes before it catches alight. There are currently a high number of fridges and freezers on sale that are a potential fire risk, the reason for this is due to the products not having a non-flame retardant plastic backing, the fire testing does not replicate a real fire situation when the products are put under real fire test conditions.

Fire safety is not taken seriously enough, all fridges, freezers on the UK market pass the current test. Testing needs to be more intense to replicate real fire situations. A test by Which? proved that 2 fridge freezers with a pass from the current tests set alight after just 10 seconds, proving that in a real fire situation both products could not withstand an open flame for more than 30 seconds. Further tests proved metal and aluminium laminate-backed appliances found neither caught alight after the 30-second test or following a full five minutes of being subjected to an open flame. It is believed that during Which testing almost half of the most popular fridges, freezers had non-flame-retardant plastic backing instead of metal and aluminium laminate.

It is reported that ‘Watchdog’ is summoning manufacturers to investigate and execute longer, harder testing instantaneously. Which? is not asking for a recall on the purchase of any of the mentioned fridge, freezers, with plastic backing, although it says it has stopped recommending them. The reason for lenient fire safety on appliances is due to the low percent of house fires caused by faulty appliances very year. Consumer safety is not put first. Safety standards in the UK is shoddy and is putting people’s lives at risk.

Early stage fire detection is crucial to all types of buildings. An early warning of a potential fire situation is essential to the protection of life and assets. ALSS ensure the correct type of system that complies with British standards and suits the environment of your premises.

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