Finally, after a long time coming, a zero tolerance approach is being adopted by the NHS. There are new measures in place to protect NHS staff after reports confirm the rise in physical assaults that take place daily on staff from patients.

It is reported that staff will be given full detailed training to deal with the violent situations that they find themselves dealing with daily, from the very people they are trying to help and nurse back to health. It is believed when violent situations do arise then offenders will also be prosecuted quicker than they have been in the past and will have a longer sentence of a year compared to the previous 6-month sentence.

The knock-on effects after an assault on a nurse are intense and overwhelming when dealing with aggressive and violent situations on the wards, some previous victims have reported flashbacks and nightmares for years after the event. The attacks can be profound when a nurse has been working with a patient for years and the abuse comes out of the blue, nurses are left feeling scared and vulnerable and it affects them doing their jobs properly in the future due to the psychological damage created from the abuse. NHS staff should feel secure in the hospital environment and secure safety procedures should be in place to protect and prevent physical violent situations.

What will be put in place to ensure staff are protected.

The NHS will be scrutinising their data to find out which staff and departments are most vulnerable to violence. Offenders will also be prosecuted quickly and for longer periods of time due to a new partnership between the NHS, Police and Crown Prosecution Service. The care inspectors will analyse data from the NHS trusts including quality of plans to reduce violence against staff. Tighter and thorough training will be given to all staff so that they can deal with violent situations, including thorough training to deal with patients with dementia or mental health issues. Training and a better computerised system so that staff can record assaults more easily.

ALSS have experience with the installation, commission and maintenance of Staff Safety Systems and have installed numerous attack and assist call systems to a whole host of environments. Whatever your industry, staff should always feel safe and secure in their work environment. Our staff safety systems enable your staff to have a personal protection system that’s easy to use and potentially life-saving is invaluable, this peace of mind enables your staff to be fully focused on the duty at hand. Staff protection systems can be used in a wide range of applications and sectors, including; Hospitals, Mental Health Units, Primary Care Centres and GP Surgeries. You can contact us for more information here.

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