A Static System Aspire system installed on bedhead trunking

As the years progress, technology advancements have brought aid to a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s just faster connections or more accurate results, improvements are noticeable. The healthcare industry, specifically hospitals, has been a main beneficiary of this. Wireless paging makes communication much easier, especially in an environment where lives are on the line. The nurse call systems in hospitals are vital to making sure patients receive the care they need. These systems are necessary, and the benefits make a legitimate difference.

Quick Response

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, Nurse Call Systems give patients access to quick, timely care. Especially if it’s a dire emergency, you can trust that a medical professional will have an accurate alert. In addition to this timely response, the room and bed number also appear, making things easier on the staff. It gives nurses a clear understanding of where the patient is, and limits time wasted.

Quiet Environment

Nurse Call Systems also scale back the amount of disruption a patient could potentially cause. The inherently discrete nature of the process allows for minimal distractions in the workplace. It helps for nurses to remain organised with their communication throughout the day and night.

Simplicity in Use

Hospitals and healthcare facilities deal with life and death. Every single second matters and can make the difference. Nurse call and notification systems not only need to be fast and accurate, but they must be reliable as well. The patient and caregiver each have alerts in place if needed. Wireless nurse call systems are also growing in popularity, and they provide the same type of simplicity and comfort. There would be no wires out in the open, and nurses could have the option of wearing a device to make the alerts even more immediate. The software in these programs can actually keep track of the response time, making management aware of any slow-moving staff members. With the market leading products coming from Static Systems Group, they offer both wired and wireless options with Codemlon and Aspire SmartSync.

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