Schools and other public buildings are being built on the cheap with Government cost cutting which means schools aren’t being fitted with fire prevention systems.The London Fire Brigade data showed shocking revelations and figures this week!It has been widely reported that 57 schools and colleges in London did not have automatic fire sprinkler systems fitted in them.Only a mere 13 of the 565 school fires attended between 2014 and July 2019 had safety systems installed.

Substantial evidence supports and confirms that fire sprinkler systems save lives and protect property.There are ongoing discussions within the fire brigade that sprinkler systems should be compulsory in all new schools. All older constructions should also have refurbishments with sprinkler systems fitted as a matter of urgency to reduce repairs after fire damage.

It is alarming to read figures that show evidence that the damage could have been prevented and, or drastically reduced by having a fire sprinkler system fitted. Sprinkler systems take control of a fire at the first stages prior to the fire services attending, they allow time for people to leave the building safely whilst the fire is being tackled.

Cuts in the fire service over the last 10 years have meant reduced staff and slower response times. A sprinkler system will drastically reduce devastation and destruction of a building, it is extremely important for the safety of the people within the building that all buildings are fitted with a sprinkler system in the future.

It is believed that when schools are empty during the 6 weeks’ summer holiday period fires can be completely undetected as there are no staff on site to raise the alarm resulting in extensive damage and complete destruction of the building.

The knock-on effect when a school is then closed harbours real problems for working parents as it interrupts before and after school clubs. Children’s education is then put on hold or cancelled until alternative classrooms have been found, meaning disruption to additional schools in the local area as their classrooms are then required to be hired or loaned which are essential for teaching children and their continued education.

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