Static Systems Group provide alarm and communication solutions both, wireless and wired systems for hospitals, prisons, universities and more.

Engineer Support

Static Systems Group have excellent engineer support. As engineers themselves, they understand the importance of providing estates and facilities teams with real-time information on their nurse call systems.  Information that is reliable and given in plain English. After all, without the behind-the-scenes support of its engineers, the smooth running of the hospital and the well-being of patients would be at risk.

Static Systems Group include a number of features as standard that are designed specifically to provide a helping hand to engineers - as well as a number of optional features that will only be required by certain sites.

Static systems group are leading through innovation and customer service, giving after-sales support in the following sectors;

  • Healthcare 
  • Fire Solutions
  • Custodial Solutions

Their vision and values are clear;

  • Achieve together
  • Strive for excellence
  • Promote well being
  • Trust and respect
  • Build long term relationships for ongoing stability and sustainable growth

Static systems leading healthcare products include;

  • Wired nurse call – Ultima, Codemlon, LNX, disabled toilet call and staff attack alarm
  • Wireless nurse call - Aspire Smartsync and Smartsync Lite
  • Bedhead and medical trunking

Static Systems nurse call systems offer a number of alarm management solutions; additional facilities that can be added to assist and support effective workflow.

Solutions can be facilitated in a number of ways; taking into account existing IT infrastructure, nursing practises and budget.

The availability of real-time data and task notifications promotes faster responses. This information can also be invaluable in establishing efficient workflow practices and in supporting good quality patient care.

Static Systems Group fire alarm systems include;

  • EVO2
  • EVO600

The custodial alarm systems include;

  • Cell call systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • General alarm systems

Mark Askins, Installation & Commissioning Manager at Static Systems Group recently said;

  Static Systems Group is a leading UK provider of advanced alarm and communication systems. Our solutions are among the best available and quality management is intrinsic across our entire operations. Advanced Life Safety Solutions (ALSS) has been a part of this for the last 8 years, with their competent nationwide network of engineers providing installation services.

 Our relationship with ALSS is now well established and we look forward to building on this in the future

For more information about Advanced Life Safety Solutions you can contact us via email enquiries@alss-uk.co.uk or telephone 01922 687989

Our Location

We are based in Great Wyrley in the West Midlands and have fully qualified and experienced engineers spread throughout the UK allowing ALSS to operate nationwide. 

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