Sprinklers, and other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems can save lives, homes, and businesses. They provide protection from fire damage and, most importantly, they give people a greater chance of getting out if there is a fire. By reducing the damage and severity of a fire, they can also save money too.

Who are they good for?

Everybody. Though there are some organisations, groups and property types who could particularly benefit from sprinkler installation. These include:

  • Schools
  • Care homes or places where people with any mobility issues live
  • Heritage buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Residential properties over 18m in height – including student accommodation
  • Hotels, B&Bs and hostels
  • Large warehouses
  • Firefighters – During search and rescue operations, sprinklers significantly reduce the risks to firefighters!

How Do Sprinklers Work?

Sprinklers react to heat. When the temperature in a room fitted with a sprinkler reaches 60 – 70 degrees, the sprinkler will spray water across the room and suppress the fire that has caused the rise in temperature.

Did you know?

Sprinklers are triggered one by one where the rise in temperature occurs – they don’t all go off together throughout a building like in the movies!

Advanced Life Safety Solutions can design and install the right fire sprinkler system to meet the BS9251:2014 standard.

Our experienced in-house design engineers specialise in designing complex installations and projects. These include solutions for premises suffering with low water flow and pressure. Our trained team also boasts vast knowledge in dealing with fire engineers and building control bodies. This ensures that your scheme will be in compliant with BS 9251 and building regulations. We also provide detailed designed drawings for the sprinkler pipe layouts and certification for installation.

Advanced Life Safety Solutions fire sprinkler engineers are fully trained by the UK’s leading safety bodies. ALSS also conduct rigorous in-house training courses as mandatory company policy and require all engineers to carry out a yearly CPD. All materials and components we use on every scheme are approved to the highest quality standards currently available on the market.

Still unsure if a sprinkler system is right for you? Contact us and we'll be able to assist you in getting the right system for your environment.

Our Location

We are based in Great Wyrley in the West Midlands and have fully qualified and experienced engineers spread throughout the UK allowing ALSS to operate nationwide. 

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