Here at Advanced Life Safety Solutions we’re passionate about making all environments as safe as they can be, and our voice alarm systems are a key part of that.

We’re proud to assist you in making your environment safe with our emergency voice communication systems enabling you to have a hassle free evacuation and emergency communication.

It’s often referred to as EVC system, it provides two-way communication used to assist with the safe evacuation of a premises during an emergency event. It’s also used for disabled refuge areas, giving the disabled communication in disabled toilets and refuge outstations.

The voice alarm system can consist of multiple aspects, fire telephone, steward telephone, roaming telephone, disabled refuge outstation or disabled toilets. Enabling you to have full control over the premises, even in the event of mains power failure the systems will run on a battery pack that is monitored continuously on its charge level.

Emergency Voice Alarm Suitable Solutions

  • Data centers 
  • Hospitals
  • Large scale commercial & industrial developments
  • Hotels 
  • Schools 
  • Custodial Sites
  • Large & small residential buildings

Our 5 Stages To Success

Consultation & Design

Collecting all available data to fully understand the requirements of the project will be our first task. We will fully review all available documentation (drawings/specifications), survey the premises or site, discuss requirements (such as third-party system integration) with the client(s) and make the necessary suggestions for consideration.

Proposal Quotation

We will submit our recommended strategy document, that details the required system design, explains methods of delivery (i.e. new build installation with phasing, or an existing system replacement without loss of functionality/coverage) and it will show our full understanding of the project requirements. This will be accompanied by our fully itemised fixed price quotation.

Project Delivery & Installation

Once you are happy with the proposal and pricing, we will deliver the system to the highest standard. Our installers are fully trained in compliant installation methods and the installation process will be regularly inspected by our allocated project manager and independent audit team.

Testing & Commissioning

The test and commission team will write the full system programme/operational method, allocate all zonal and device label information and then fully test the system to the required levels set out in the relevant standards. Where required we will demonstrate the system performance to independent witnesses, customers and building control. Full user training on the system(s) will be given and operation & maintenance manuals handed over to the client(s); the manuals will be inclusive of drawings, test records, instruction manuals and system maintenance log books.


All equipment supplied comes with a two-year warranty from practical completion of the project.

Our Emergency Voice Call Systems

Radial Wired System
An excelling choice from Baldwin Boxall.
Omnicare Plus
Loop Wired System
renowned system from Baldwin Boxall.

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We are based in Great Wyrley in the West Midlands and have fully qualified and experienced engineers spread throughout the UK allowing ALSS to operate nationwide. 

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