C-Tec manufactures one of the highest selling ranges of Disabled Toilet Alarms in the UK with their leading products NC951 and NC910. A complete range of products that covers every aspect of toilet call you would need from stand-alone single zones to multi-zone systems.

C-Tec’s disabled toilet call offers you an easy to use stylish double gang call controller with over door lighting as well as sounders and reset points. With the easy accessible pull cords and a Call Accept function that allows your staff to send an intermittent call to the patient to give them acknowledgment that help is on the way.

Their accessible toilet alarm systems are fully compliant of the BS8200 requirements and is easily installed using just 4 core stranded cable, making it less disruption for live environments. The systems can also be installed as a single zone emergency assistance alarm in changing rooms and many more areas, giving your environment full coverage for disabled users.

The systems includes a host of industry-leading features and options. 

Action shot of hospital staff moving around a live ward  Two people shaking hands upon an agreement   C-tec's controller unit installed on a wall 
Simple Install & Use Reliable & Resilient Stylish Design
An nondisruptive install and easy to use system. A highly reliable system thats 
always there to deliver.
Stylish designed units and controllers.
A diagram demonstrating single and multi zone systems  A bright and clean disabled changing and shower room  An authenticator stamping a compliance certificate  
Single & Multi Multiple Uses Compliant
Offering both single and multi zone systems.  Suitable not only for toilet call but many other areas. The system is fully compliant with BS 8300:2018.
Quantec Commissioning Training

We’re proud that all of our engineers are approved to install C-Tec's equipment.

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