Quantec’s addressable Call System is a dynamic and simple to use, ensuring crucial communication at all times throughout a building. Ideal for environments where safety is paramount, Quantec is the system that delivers, helping save your employee’s time and keeping them safe, always. This also helps minimising further disturbances and helping improve the quality of patient, customer or employee care. 

Quantec is an excelling choice to keep your staff protected. 

This system can be tailed to suit your exact operational requirements for the building. Achieving this with its flexible call routing, multiple call levels and a unique data protocol that works down just two wires and a programmable system controller and staff call fobs. 

Enabling alarms to be routed to different parts of the site at different times of the day, with unanswered calls set to transfer to other areas after a pre-determined time. 

With a huge range of cost-effective options, the system includes a host of industry-leading features. 

A digital touchscreen with multiple options  The Quantec staff safety fob being pressed by a member of staff  A member of pointing at the call log on screen 
Simple to Use Multiple Call Levels Call Logging
Despite it's many features, it's one of the easiest to use call systems. Personal Fobs, help required, 
emergency and more.
The Surveyor, an event logging system that gives you the full picture.
Call point displaying 'Bathroom Presence 1'  A doctor paging another member of staff via the Quantec pager app  A call wrist strap worn by a member of staff 
Multiple Points Pager Systems Accessories
Multiple monitoring points available that can be armed and disarmed. Quantec is fully compatible with pagers and can easily be configured. Extras are available from stainless steel components to pendant call points.
Quantec Commissioning Training

We’re proud that all of our engineers are approved to install the Quantec Addressable Call System.

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We are based in Great Wyrley in the West Midlands and have fully qualified and experienced engineers spread throughout the UK allowing ALSS to operate nationwide. 

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